Chicken Lasagna Roll-ups

Delicious, easy, comforting and sure to please the whole family

4 chicken breasts cooked and shredded or 1 rotisserie chicken I prefer rotisserie chicken because of its flavor.
1 tsp salt*
4 TBS butter
1/4 cup onion minced
1/4 cup bell pepper minced red, yellow or orange. the sweeter variety
1 garlic clove, minced
1 roma tomato died small
5 TBS flour
4 cups broth*
1/4-1/2 cup heavy cream
3 cups mozzarella cheese
12 cooked lasagna noodles

1, In skillet add butter, onion, bell pepper, garlic, tomato. Sauté over med-low heat until very softened. Turn up heat to med-high. Add flour and cook for a few more minutes. Slowly whisk in 4 cups of broth*.
2. Bring to a simmer. When sauce is thickened to desire consistency turn off heat and add 1/4 cup of cream. You can add up to 1/2 cup if you prefer it more creamy.
3. Spread about 1/2 cup sauce in bottom of 9x13 pan. Mix shredded chicken and about 2 cups mozz cheese (you can use more or less cheese as desired)
4. Lay out lasagna noodles and spread cheese and shredded chicken over. Roll up. and place in 9x13 pan. Pour sauce over. Add more cheese if desired. Bake 350 for about 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly.
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