• White Chocolate and/or Candy Melts
  • Edible Glitter (See further down in the post for our full list! Be sure to only use EDIBLE glitters like the ones listed below, not "disco dust" or "disco glitter" which is just labeled as "non-toxic" and meant to only be decorative!)
  • Chocolate Bar Molds


  1. First, you gotta pick your glitter! Check out our list below and make your favorite combo. We like to combine finer shimmer dusts with a chunkier glitter and some metallic stars.
  2. For finer shimmer dusts, pour a small amount onto a spoon and lightly sprinkle it over the chocolate bar mold. I like to leave some parts of the mold without glitter so you can see the chocolate peeking through. For chunkier glitters, grab a pinch of them with your fingers and sprinkle over the molds until you have your desired glitter situation.
  3. Full instructions visit @studiodiy

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